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I draw a lot of self portraits, mainly for 'the luls' and also because I pull a stupid face whenever a camera is pointed at me and never have a good picture to put as my facebook/twitter DP.

This picture is me as a pony from the new series of "My little pony, friendship is magic'. Don't judge me until you want it. It is fantastic.

A portrait for MS paint appreciation week. I need no excuse to draw in MS paint, I think it's a great program.
A "super-hero" self portrait I did a while ago for little doodle challenge me and some uni people did.
Powers: Super-speed, and well.. a chainsaw for an arm, (freak workshop related incident.)
Weakness: Ms. Chainsaw cannot go in water as this will cause her arm to rust. Fire is a problem as her Chainsaw is petrol powered and will explode.

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