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Another for the MS Paint illustration collection. : >

Illustration of TV head for my CV. : >

A shop front concept idea I drew up in Opencanvas.

Action poses

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Going down Under from Livvy Brewer on Vimeo.

A Flash Animation made by Myself and 3 other Animation students.

Dorie (Wife) - Voiced and animated by Jenny Adam.
Bruce (Husband) - Voiced by Mart Sherris - Animated by Sophie Lowden.
Steve (Kangaroo) - Voiced by Andy Milford - Animated by Lucy Belle Guthrie.
Guy - Voiced by Andrew Helps - Animated by Livvy Brewer

An Illustration of my TV headed character coloured and drawn on photoshop

A flash character design I made for a short Throw animation.

An intial character design idea and colour concept for a Production Im working on called 'Flotsam.'

From a series of MS paint illustrations of people in dinosaur costumes.

Character Designs for a short film idea.

A design for a short film idea about not stepping on the 'cracks' in the pavement.
This is a design for one of the two kids.